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Spire.Office for .NET 2.13

Suite of Office .NET Components to open, modify, convert, and view Office files
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Linking your .NET applications to Office- and PDF-related functions can be easily done with Spire.Office for .NET. This suite of .NET components includes all the elements you need to open, create, edit, print, and convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents on any 32-bit or 64-bit .NET application. The program comes with an extensive catalog of samples, complete with C# and VB.NET source code for you to use in your own developments.

Spire.Office is a comprehensive suite of components designed to help you integrate the powerful functionality offered by the most common MS Office tools in your .NET applications. Together with the more obvious Spire.Doc, Spire.XLS, and Spire.Presentation sets of components, this suite includes also Spire.PDF, Spire.PDFViewer, Spire.DocViewer, Spire.DataExport, and Spire.BarCode. The first three will allow you to create, read, write, convert, and print Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from any .NET platform, both quickly and with excellent results. Spire.PDFViewer and Spire.DocViewer will let you open and display, as well as convert and interact with Word and PDF documents. Finally, the last two sets of components will allow you to include in your projects the possibility of exporting data in a wide range of Office- and PDF-based file formats, as well as to create and read 1D and 2D barcodes.

All these sets of .NET components have one very important thing in common – they are extremely easy to integrate in any .NET application. If in doubt, you can always rely on Spire.Office’s Sample Center, a large collection of real-life samples for .NET applications. This guide will teach you how to add to your apps the simple code required to find and highlight text or change the font format in a Word document, to include images or formulas in an Excel spreadsheet, to add bullets or hyperlinks to your PPT presentations, or how to include barcodes in your PDF documents. The results are of an extremely high quality, and it usually takes just one or two lines of code to produce them. You can see how to do it in the most efficient way by checking either the C# or the VB.NET source code samples provided.

The price tag is somehow prohibitive for most freelance developers and programmers, but it is always less expensive than buying these same sets of Spire .NET components separately. Companies will find the price for Spire.Office for .NET quite competitive, when compared to other similar products.

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  • Wide array of Office- and PDF-related .NET components
  • Extensive list of practical examples in C# and VB.NET source code
  • Includes components for data export, PDFViewer, DocViewer, and barcodes


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